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That Time Again

Can you feel that? There is so much tension and anticipation in the air that you could reach out and taste it. That is because the World Cup is finally here once again. The first game of this massive event is right around the corner, and you can bet that fans from all over the world are dawning their favorite players' jerseys and getting ready for what promises to be the most epic event of the summer.

Welsh fans are especially riled up this year. So if you are a big time Welsh fan, you need to make sure that you stay plugged in so you don't miss a second of the Welsh football news out there. So many excellent players have made it into the lineup this year, and it promises to be an event of epic proportions.

The Best Bet

With the first World Cup game starting on the 14th of June, we are only a heartbeat away from the festivities. That means that there are lots of bookmakers and odd creators scrambling about to make sure that they are getting the most favorable bets. Fans too are hunting the internet for World Cup tips so that they can make the games this year that much more interesting.

One of the teams to follow this year is Wales. They have the third oldest football playing team, and have built a dynasty around the game that stretches nearly as long as the game itself. That is why they are the best bet for entertaining games this year.

A Historic Event

There is a lot of excitement in Welsh football right now. In a stunning and awesome victory, the lovely women of Wales closed out the game against the female Russian team at 3 to 0. This display of dominance was unexpected, but because of it, Wales is now on their way to the first World Cup they have ever participated in. This sets them up for a fateful meeting with England on August 31st.

The Wales vs Russia game didn't start as such a blowout. It was some tough back and forth in the early parts of the game, which made for some exciting and nerve-wracking watching. It wasn't until the star striker of Wales set up a great play did they start to pull away from the Russian team. The future of this team looks bright after such a powerful performance.

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Posted: Wednesday 13th June 2018
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