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Realistically, do we have a chance of a result?
Their squad, on paper, if they gell, could rip us apart. At least we playing them first, so this could be to our advantage, as it be the first competitive game for both managers.
Personally i'd love a repeat of our 3-1 victory at the old Arms Parc, 1990/91?
Post #1 - 09.02.12


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remembr 91 well also 2-0 in March 93.

we would have to be at our best to get a result on Friday. would be happy with a draw and a good performance.

Are all our players in good form to start with?
Post #2 - 09.02.12


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Surely the starting XI won't play as badly as the Bosnia game? Individual players seem to do ok, but as a team, we certainly need to gel asap!!!

Post #3 - 09.02.12


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Only way's up after Bosnia, I hope.

I note Ben Davies has been called up. Ashamed to say I've never even heard of him. Can anyone tell me a bit about him? Assume he's a defender.

Post #4 - 09.03.12


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Don't know much was due to be with u21s and came on for Taylor on Saturday. Played in the cup as well i think this season
Post #5 - 09.03.12


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