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Despite losing again I thougt the team showed a great deal of Desire which pleased me. With a full side and 11 men we would of been a good match for Belgium. Also if u took out any 4 of their starters and they had a player sent off we would of won. So hopefully we can get a point in Serbia to stay in touch.
Post #1 - 09.09.12


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Obviously it wasn't the start I hoped for but the other results in the group offered hope. The Scotland result was good and Croatia only managed 1-0 at home. A win against Serbia and a draw in the Belgium/ Croatia game would be nice.
Post #2 - 09.10.12


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Boys deserve a lot of praise for the effort they put in on Friday: stuck at it 100%. Didn't see Serbia v Scotland, but I can see us winning tonight, especially if Joe Allen is fit and Vaughan fit enough to have half an hour 2nd half.

I'd like to see:
Gunter Wms Blake Matthews
King Ramsey Allen Bale

Brown was good v Mexico and I can't see where Glyn Myhill is any better.

Pob lwc!
Post #3 - 09.11.12


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