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 Wales v Scotland match comment


Wat a supreme match. i am a cardiff fan so i c earnie evry week and i luv im i fink mark hughes shud play im evry game from now on. well dun earnie uv dun us proud son - Tim

A good performance by far. Disappointing game by the scots. Makes me angry that Earnie was never given much of a leading role in previous matches, he has now proven he is up for the task!
We need to do something about our poor singing and support in the stadium people. We were less lively than the Scots and we were WINNING! I may as well watch games at home next time, same atmosphere! - Ben

Great night , great performance from the new lads, the "old pros " (Melville, Speed and Giggs ) were sound. Excorcised a few ghosts as the goals went in. Got a little bit of our pride back last night - Russ

Well, isn't it great to have a win again!! It's a great week to be a Cymro in Scotland I can tell you- although I do find myself feeling for my Scottish friends a little- even they agree, we were pretty damn good on Wednesday night!! 2 first choice central defenders missing for Scotland and boy, didn't it show!! 

The perspective on the game up here has been fascinating [honest now!!]. 
When I arrived here 4 years ago, I soon found that the disasters of '78 and '85 are only footnotes in the football psyche, as indeed are we!!

Watching the game on Scottish tv through Welsh was VERY interesting... They foolishly thought it WAS a friendly before the kick off while the result really IS a national disaster up here!!!! 

One thing they did spot however is how lousy our singing is at the Millennium. As the previous typer commented, it's a disgrace!! Huge respect to our travelling bands, who are truly fabulous but, at home, those of us who want to sing are dotted here and there and tend to get dirty looks!! This was certainly the case in the last home game - too many people who want to be able to say 'I was there' I think- all fine and dandy when we're winning but when the wheels come off and the boys need a boost, they just sit there moaning!! These things carry to the teams and I really think it probably made the difference against Russia- which was so so tight elsewise!!

So, what's to be done about this? Maybe the Welsh FA, and the WRU for that matter, should consider designated 'singing' effect you buy a 'singing' or 'non-singing' ticket thereby allowing those of us who want to sing our hearts out to do so and those who just want to moan and pick to also 'enjoy' the game!! And if some of the silent read this and feel anything, it should be shame!! It's certainly what I feel when surrounded by them!!

However, to return to the game- well done boys!! 4-0 home win and the Scots put into national therapy- can't be bad!! Our last 4 international hat-tricks? By my reckoning, 2 against Scotland (Ernie and 1979 ish), and the others against Malta (1977) and the Faroes (1992)!! And, oh yes, Scottish telly informs me it's our biggest ever winning margin over them...and that they agree, Speed didn't foul the defender on the '5th' goal!! All make you smile, eh!!

Mewn a hi Cymru!!

now appearing in 'I'm a Welshman, get me out of here!' - Meic Pierce Owen [no rel to Gwyn]

A well needed victory that hopefully puts us in the right frame of mind for the next copule of friendlies, then the first world cup qualifier, Azer away. Lets hope the boys keep playing like that and for once give Sparky a bit of a good selection headache - do I start with Earnie???!!! - Andrew Owen

Good performance by Wales, Scotland were very poor to be honest and it made us look good on the night. Hope Earnie can start more games up front with Hartson now. Hopefully this will see the end of Nathan Blake playing for Wales!! As for the atmosphere, the Scotland fans were brilliant whereas the majority of the Welsh fans in the "singing section" were pathetic, something has to be done for it to improve for the WC qualifiers. - Marc

Wales thoroughly deserved their win - playing to the strengths of Giggs and Earnshaw, Robbie Savage behind them was as hard working as ever and never let Scotland settle in midfield.

The untried central defensive partnership of Caldwell and Ritchie helped Wales as they were found to be totally flat footed by the pace of the home attack. Fortune did not favour the home side as the alleged foul in the build up to a disallowed Taylor goal before he did score, was a poor decision.

Scotland were poor - on the back of the 6-0 trouncing in Holland - Berti Vogts' tactical organisation and the playing pattern he instructed upon his players was shocking. His hat must be on a shoogly peg now.

All of us who came down really enjoyed the hospitality of our Welsh friends, and hope to play you again soon. 

Good luck against England lads! - Chris (Scotland)

i woz there and it woz brilliant. 
bellamy's got something to worry about, earnshaw is on fire!

I had doubts over taylor - not now. gr8 play from him. parry was gr8 as well.

a gr8 team performance, cant wait for england game! - Rich

Well done boys and especially to Earnie(from a Jack fan).But can somebody tell me why that pathetic team we played against on are 14 places above us in the Fifa rankings? - Aled

What a fantastic match i couldnt believe it just what we needed after the Russia game! The players were fantastic especially Earnie he has proved what a strong promising player he is! Bring on England!!!! - Claire Davies



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