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 Wales v Germany - Luke James mascot
A Star of the Future?

Dragon Soccer has been privileged to meet many of the stars of Welsh football, but it was with great pleasure that we met possibly one of the future stars of Welsh football today. Young Luke James who will be the mascot at the friendly match against Germany.

Luke is the 11-year-old son of Welsh legend Robbie James who was capped 47 times and scored 7 international goals. In amongst his tight schedule of press photographers and radio interviews he managed to squeeze us in for a few words.

Hello Luke thanks for giving up your time to have a few words with us.
That's OK you're welcome

What position do you play?
I play at centre midfield

Who is your favourite player?
My favourite player? Oh... John Hartson yes he's my favourite.

OK if you were Harry Potter and could use your magic to make any player in the world Welsh who would it be?
David Beckham I think he is really good

What's the first time you remember playing football?
The first time I remember is when I was about 5 or 6. But I played before that. I was a mascot when I was about three but I can't remember. When I was very little I spoiled all the flowers in nanny's garden playing football.

What's been the best time you've had in football?
When we won 14-2 and I scored 4 goals. I was runner up Player of the Year and I was also the first Player of the Year at Cowbridge.

What's been the worst game you've ever had?
Oh! There's been a few of those. We lost 9-0 once - that was bad.
We played the under 15's and they really nailed us. And there was the game where we were winning 1-0 and the coach took me off and then they scored 2 goals.

What team would you like to play for other than Wales of course?
Brazil - I like Brazil and I also like Holland.

When you knew you were going to be the mascot how did you feel?
I was shocked! I had to think about it but it didn't take me long to agree to do it!

It was a real pleasure to meet and talk to Luke. He is a credit to his family and his school. We will be watching his future progress with a great deal of interest.

Good luck tomorrow Luke I'm sure you will do yourself proud.

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