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 Wales v Bosnia match comment


In a funny kind of way I think this was a good result to take Wales into the next two Group 9 games. Another win and we could have got a bit cocky but now we'll be able to focus on the hard work ahead of us. And the Azerbaijan draw today just pushes that argument home even further.
This way, it's still "all systems go" for Euro 2004 and Sparky's team have got the unbeaten record as well. It ain't gonna be easy but we're doing fine... - Melfyn

Maybe we were due a slightly low key performace, it's better that it came last night rather than in March.However looking at the positives, we came back from being behind twice,Mark Hughes has had a look at a few more players, it was great to see Matthew Jones playing again and Wales scored two cracking goals.Overall, not bad, and nobody will remember this game when we beat Azerbajan. - Ian Burns

Luckily for us it was a friendly,we will have to play 100% better than that especially when azerbaijan came away with a very respectable draw in confident we will do the business when the time comes though - Kevin Longley

Good down to earth performance, nobody excelled, the usual suspects all played well and would expect Sparky to sit everyone down before the Azer game and make them watch the match and discuss weaknesses that a better team would have exploited. - Barry Williams

I agree with Melfyn, the Bosina game was a perfect reality check and will help us to keep our heads and not get over excited because at the end of the day we've achieved nothing yet. We need to get and maintain a focus and concentrate on the important games ahead and make sure we get the points in the bag. - Gareth Owens

I think Bosnia areb a good side but Wales should have beat . A draw was all right though - Nathan

I thought Rhys Weston looked a bit out of his depth at international level. I dont know what everyone else thought ?? 
Looks like Matthew Jones will get the nod whilst Delaney is out injured. 
... but a defence with 2 out of position full-back's ?? - we will get exposed sooner or later.
Maybe fast tracking Aston Villa's Rob Edwards is an idea, but he had a nightmare the other week for Villa and got taken off at half-time. - Egan

Mae Cymru ar ei gorau pan mae'n chwarae i'w chryfderau. Camgymeriad mawr oedd disgwyl cyfrifoldebau amddiffynol gab Earnshaw. Mae hynny'n debyg i Bobby Gould yn gofyn i Ian Rush chwarae ar yr asgell chwith ! Cytuno am Rhys Weston. Byddwn i'n chwarae Pembridge yn y cefn tra bo Delaney allan gyda Koumas (Azerbajan) neu Mathew Jones (Iwgoslafia - mwy amddiffynnol) yn y canol. Cadw Earnshaw fel syb neu pan fydd Bellamy'n cael ei wahardd. - Ffred

A satisfactory result against a technically gifted side ( something I don't believe we are ). Poor Rhys Weston needed support around him but didn't get it ,sometimes facing 3 players coming at him. He did sadly look like the 2nd division footballer that he is but he was no worse than Robert Page.I look forward with anticipation to March v Azer. and hope that we can do the biz. On this match alone I think we can say well done to the lads for battling back even though our premiership stars looked like they didnt want to mix it-understandibly at this point of the season. - Russel

John Hartson was not the man of the game. Baljic was obviously better. He scored the first goal and assisted for the second. Young goalkeeper, Hasagic, was also good considering that this was his first game for the national team... no wonder Arsenal and Liverpool are interested in having him. - Omar

A very useful game to wake up the whole nation. We've had some very good results recently, though we should not take minnows like Bosnia for granted, as we ourselves are still minnows in the world game. 
Can't help but agree that Weston doesn't seem to have enough to compete at this level, though he is a useful backup. To see Jonesy back in the red shirt is terrific, he's always brimming with enthusiasm and passion, not least talent. To continue on a positive note, fantastic to see Oster back in contention for a midfield berth and Koumas too! Why is it that we can produce a bounty of good midfield talent and so few defenders??? - Rich

Defence we were poor, but going forward we were good. Some players were obviously out of there depth i.e Rhys Weston but i believe he will develop into a good international , he just needs time. Exceptional games from earnie and savage, and hartson definitely deserved man of the match. bring on azer!! - Craig

Jason Koumas should of played from the start he's on fire for West Brom this season and looked fantastic when he came on,As for the singing we need a Band in the upper north stand to help get the crowd going because yet again it was dreadful. - Martin

Wales were not at there best and there energy levels were not as high as previous matches. Koumas should have played 90 minutes and Rhys weston looked poor in defence the sooner Gabbidon is back the better. - Marc

It was very good football match, but i think Bosnia had fighted more than Wales. The Player of the game was for me Elvir Baljic. - Alen


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