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In Conversation with: Danny Coyne: Dragon Soccer Exclusive.
In Conversation with: Danny Coyne. - 31.03.2002
by a Dragon Soccer Reporter. [ click here for Wales v Czech Rep photos ]
Once again DragonSoccer were able to get to the nerve centre of the Welsh team – well to their hotel at least. We spent some time with Danny Coyne and talked about his career so far and his hopes for the future.
Hello Danny and thanks for agreeing to see DragonSoccer. "It’s always a pleasure to meet you." I know when we have spoken before that your first team was Prestatyn Wanderers and that your earliest memories are playing as a ten year old but can you remember when you knew that football was something special for you? "I always knew from the very first time I kicked a football. I had the bug straight away and from then on I was only interested in football." danny_coyne_1.jpg (2779 bytes)

When did you become aware that football was going to be your career? "When I got my first contract with Tranmere Rovers. Before that I hoped obviously but it was actually getting the contract that makes you realise and things are different then." Have you ever played any position other than goalkeeper? " Yes I played Centre Back for my school team." What made you decide that goalkeeper was the best position for you? (Answers with a broad grin) " It was …er "suggested" to me that I was probably better in goal."

If you had children and they showed an aptitude for football, would you encourage them to go into the professional game? " Yes, most certainly I would encourage them if that’s what they wanted to do. But obviously I would just want them to be happy in whatever they wanted to do but if that was football I would definitely give them every encouragement." Is there anyone else in your family who is really good at football? "I have a young cousin, Sam, who is looking very promising."

Was there anyone before you who was successful in football? "No I am the only one in my family to make a career in football." If you weren’t a professional footballer what do you think you might have done? "It would be something connected with sport, yes definitely sport of some sort." When you had a recall to the squad for the Belarus game, did it surprise you? "Yes I was really surprised, but it was a nice surprise (smiles)."

How does it feel being involved with the Wales squad again? "I feel very proud. It is a great feeling. I’d really like to stay and be involved in helping to build the team again." Do you see a great difference coming into the squad now? When I spent time with them before the Argentina game I felt there was a much more confident attitude and a far greater sense of self-belief. " Yes, you are right there is a difference now. The atmosphere is wonderful and as you said there really is great self-belief."

Being someone who has experienced being part of the squad when it was suffering bad defeats and now again when it has restored pride both in the squad and the fans. How much difference do you see? "There is a huge difference and I think the fans can see this. Everyone is playing with confidence." Do you think it has made a difference that you have young players coming through without the baggage that the team carried in the past? You now have young players who have only experienced at least a degree of success and respect. Do you think this makes a big difference? " Hmmm, sometimes being in a team not doing so well can help you. It teaches you things for the future. Possibly having been through a difficult period helps to build a better squad."

Given the balance now and for future teams with the likes of young high quality players like Craig Bellamy, Simon Davies, Jason Koumas, Matthew Jones and the Cardiff boys and then the likes of yourself, Mark Delaney, John Hartson, Ryan Giggs and Robbie Savage who because of your vast experience and the fact that you have been high profile since you were young, what were you when you were first capped 21 or 22 and Ryan was 17 we forget you are still all only in your 20s. How do you see the future of Welsh football? "Looking at the names you have just mentioned it’s pretty impressive isn’t it? If we can keep everyone together and build a team of players who know each other and know each other’s game, it should help build a good team. I am very confident for the future of Welsh football."

Are you excited to be involved in Welsh football at this stage with so much look forward to and build on? "Yes definitely! I am just happy to be here again. I am excited just to be part of it all. It is a great feeling." Your performances for Grimsby have been little short of spectacular on occasions. One match in the New Year you were described as literally being under siege by the opposing team for 28 minutes or so and I know you are very highly rated by the fans there. But do you feel you need to move on or up a step now at this stage of your career? "I think that match was against Preston. It would be nice to play in the premiership and that is my ambition. But at the moment I am just happy playing and keeping fit. The fans at Grimsby have been great to me."

So you do see yourself playing in the Premiership? "Yes hopefully. As I said that is my ambition." If you could choose any club in the premiership, what would be your preferred choice? "Manchester United!" You have told me previously that a player you greatly admire is Rivaldo. If I can turn the question around. If someone walked into the room at this moment with a contract for you to sign to start playing for any team in the world tomorrow, which team would it be? "Manchester United." Well Barthez is rumoured to want out so who knows? (Danny laughs)

And finally, what was the atmosphere in the squad like after the Argentina game? "Oh it was fabulous. Getting a result like that against the top side in the world. And just being in the squad was brilliant. Just being in the changing rooms with the lads was special."

I bet there was some celebrating? "Everyone was on a high it was wonderful but we all had to go straight back after the game to our own clubs. Everyone is really professional now and with games coming up on the weekend we all had to go straight back."

Well thanks for chatting to me Danny and good luck on Wednesday. "It was a pleasure and anything I can do for DragonSoccer just ask."

Danny Coyne is a top bloke and also a highly talented goalkeeper. He looks on the brink of a successful career with Wales and all at DragonSoccer wish him well.


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