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Guestbook comments.
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240 12.09.2000 20:02
Name: Roberto Liu
Where are you from: China
Comments: Here is a Chinese fan who's long been crazy about British football.I like Wales pretty much and I do hope they'll qualify for the world cup though chances seem slim. Anyway, what I wanna say is Gary Speed rules and does anyone of you wanna Email me?

239 11.09.2000 13:47
Name: Krzysztof Runowski
Where are you from: Poland
Comments: Congratulations! Nice play against Belarus;)
We are waiting on Warsaw at 11th of September! Maybe we will be good for ya and score your team only three goals? Or maybe four;)

238 06.09.2000 20:00
Name: Andy V
Where are you from: Cardiff
Comments: Does anyone know when the new Kappa Wales Football shirt is due to be released? Nobody seems to know!!!

237 05.09.2000 20:12
Name: Owen
Where are you from: Porthcawl
Comments: Get Andy Melville out of the defence and get someone good in otherwise we will never win a game. get in Jellyman-top man!

236 04.09.2000 12:03
Name: Cara Jones
Where are you from: Halkyn
Comments: Just a reply to Simon from Wrexham, I know Queensferry sports in North Wales are getting the kit in on the 27th of September

235 03.09.2000 21:46
Name: JT
Where are you from: TORONTO, Canada
Comments: great site... too bad about yesterday... I still think that Wales has a great chance of
qualifying. Parents from Swansea, I'm probably one of only a handful of Canadian
supporters who want to see WALES in Tokyo. If anyone has any line on Welsh
Jersey's please let me know!

234 03.09.2000 07:31
Name: Nev
Where are you from: Wales
Comments: As soon as I heard Roger Freestone had not been picked I knew we'd lose :-(

He is Wales's No 1 without a doubt!

233 01.09.2000 19:53
Name: Seagull
Where are you from: Colwyn Bay
Comments: Writing this before the big kick off v Belarus, so here's hoping that we can get a great start and repeat last year's result over there. Let's hope for once that lightning does strike twice!!

232 31.08.2000 13:30
Name: Simon Jones
Where are you from: Wrexham
Comments: Does anyone know if/when the ace new Wales shirt is going to be on sale, if it isn't already, and where I can get one from.  I've emailed the FAW, but alas, nothing (suprise!)

231 30.08.2000 23:37
Name: paul johnson
Where are you from: Llangollen
Comments: good page now look at llangollens new page through wnl links.

230 30.08.2000 18:56
Name: Huw
Where are you from: Bakewell
Comments: Come on Wales. Make us all proud

229 28.08.2000 19:51
Name: john carayol
Where are you from: jackson,mississippi
Comments: wales has some exceptional players and i really hope they will qualify for the world cup, and sparky u know u got the will to do it for the country and the rest of ya ol' boys like ryan,gary and dean. best of luck

228 27.08.2000 22:17
Name: Gareth
Where are you from: Abertawe
Comments: Dewch ymlaen Cymru!  Let's hammer Belarus and get some confidence for Norway in the Millenium Stadium.  If we do what they do, and just sit on our asses for 90mins, then a draw against the team who beat Brazil in the World Cup would be smashin'!  Why not?!  Bulgaria did it against England and they shit themselves, steal points from the big boys and don't lose to Armenia and Belorussia!!!  Bob lwc i'n bois ni, gallen ni ennill!!!

227 27.08.2000 20:43
Name: James Smith
Where are you from: Colwyn Bay
Comments: Only a week to go till the qualifiers get under way! I just hope we get off to a good start against Bearus - Giggsy survived united's game at the weekend so he should be joining up with the boys tomorrow. How about this for the team?

Page Coleman Melville Barnard
Jones Speed Savage
Robinson Bellamy Giggs

Good Luck Lads, and lets get behind the team as a nation! Cardiff fans, Swansea fans, Wrexham fans, Football fans and Rugby fans - there's only 2.5 million of us so we've gotta get behind sparky and lads as one!
Lets put cymru on the football map, and no matter what anybody says, ENGLAND HAVE GOT MORE PROBLEMS THAN US FOR ONCE!!!!
C'mon Lads - Go for it!

226 25.08.2000 22:17
Name: Damien Tobin
Where are you from: Llangollen
Comments: Llangollen Football Club has a website at

225 19.08.2000 19:02
Name: Pablo
Where are you from: Sheffield
Comments: Just like to wish all the players the very best of luck in the qualifiers and do Wales proud by qualifying.
Look forward to watching the matches live on BBC Choice Wales.

224 12.08.2000 15:11
Name: Chris
Where are you from: Cardiff
Comments: All focus should now be on qualification for 2002. For the first time for a number of years every team in our group is beatable!!! There is no Holland...none of the elite in europe is present.
However, there is no chance at all unless we unify behind the team the way we did under Yorath in the early 90s. The atmosphere in those days was electric and the best in the world were beaten! Apart from Giggs we do not have the players but if the nation gets behind the boys there may be enough momentum to carry us through!! If that happened it would be a truly great day. Perhaps then we could put behind us all this insular nonesense about rugby and strut our stuff on the real world stage. To qualify for the World Cup would give our country more recognition than beating England at rugby every year for the next 10 years and the talking shop down the bay they call the assembly put together...MARK HUGHES FOR PRESIDENT...

223 09.08.2000 16:06
Name: Dai
Where are you from: Aberystwyth
Comments: How about a list on players who could have played for Wales but didn't want to? - Name and shame like the News of the World?? e.g Michael Owen, Chris Armstrong - I heard Julian Dicks and Darren Peacock were possibles too - anyone know of any others? Because we get so much English media propaganda, the kids tend to hear a lot more of hype about English players etc. We need to be in a situation where the new 'Wonderkid' who has a Welsh mother and English father naturally wants to choose Wales, which is why the Welsh FA needs to sort its stuff out. There was NO official merchandising for Wales / Brazil - lost cash, lost opportunity. The Welsh team needs to be seen as glamourous and cool to the kids, I guess the best way to do that is get the results on the pitch first. As regards the 'Anglos' who play for Wales, I'd much rather have someone like John Robinson slogging his guts out for Wales than someone who did'nt really want to travel to Albania for a qualifier betw!

222 08.08.2000 15:33
Name: Benjamin Kinsman
Where are you from: Pettisville. Ohio
Comments: I had a greatgrandfather who played for the welsh team, if any bodie knows the remaning family of CHARLES BROOM please contact me at  (419)-335-2171 OR (419)-822-5105. e-mail

221 03.08.2000 22:38
Name: Matt
Where are you from: Cardiff
Comments: Are the prices going back up?? i hope they do, cos then the true fans can get tickets and there will be an atmospheer and not loadsa kids throwing paper aeroplanes. Oh and to that guy who commented about swansea supposedly "winning div 2" somehow i dont think so, the only thing they're winning is relegation!! COME ON THE BLOOOOOBIRDS. And a point none of the cardiff fans like dai thomas anyway - he's FAT.

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