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1. Information
Name: Iwan M Williams
Where do you live: Blaenau Ffestiniog
Teams you support: Man U, Caerdydd, Cymru
2. Welsh matches
First ever Wales game: Denmark '98
Best home game: Argentina 2002
Best away game: Denmark '98
3. Players
Favourite all time player: Sparky
Favourite current player: Bellamy
Worst ever player: Browning
Favourite current non-welsh player: Van NIstelrooy
4. Grounds
Best away ground: Rome
Worst away ground: Wembley
5. Travel
Best beer: Stella-Belgium
Worst beer: Lloegr
Best hospitality: -
Worst hospitality: -
Best chant: Wales....Wales (There aren't any others.)
Best hotel -
Worst hotel: -

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