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 Wales v Serbia & Montenegro after match comment

Was at the game thought we did well, event though it pains me the Cardiff lads did well. There are 2 many people in Stadium who know jack shit about footie they expect us to hammer countries they have never heard of (THICK BASTARDS) when the reality is S&M are a class act. Think if we have a full side we can give the Russians a go but only with a full team. - Mike

Dont think we did particularly well, and a few of the players looked a little flat- particularly during the second half. Couple of moments lifted the crowd, but while acknowledging the fact that S & M played a reasonably good game,(Technically quite good, and Diving like Luganis) feel that we could have done a lot better. Kind of brought it out that we cant get carried away, and we're not gonna top the fifa rankings, but an exit in the quarter finals is a good achievment for a team ranked 103rd in the world ten months ago. with a full squad at full fitness, then we should pose a few questions to the russians. - Geraint

I was at what turned out to be an entertaining game; shame a lot of people who really enjoy football find it difficult to get tickets now. We looked v.good going forward, plenty of chances - we'll need to put them if we are to have any chance in 
the play-offs. More of our players need to learn to cross like Darren Barnard, our best player on the night, never lets us down, may be worth giving him a go at home to Russia? Roll-on Moscow................. - Kevin

Its great they got so far.if they do a job on russia we really will be the happies country in the world.
I hope this is our time.
S+m are a good side who started the competision badly and got better.
Russia have done the same which could be a problem.
Its up to the boys.
Come on wales. - Dil


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