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 Wales v Finland after match comment


So we got the point we need for a play-off place. However, I don't think our performance would have worried any of the other play-off contenders. There again, after a 4-0 defeat in Milan, it was job done. We've got a couple of weeks until the last game so lets finish on a high, with a win and who knows???? - Italy ??? - the Gods owe us - Andrew

Although we were only ten minutes away from a priceless win and pole position in the group, at the beginning of this campaign everyone would have settled for a play-off place.I think that the players have been brilliant and the way they have played gives an indication of how far Wales, have really come. Although on paper we can still qualify automatically, a play-off seems odds on now. But whatever the outcome, we should all be proud of them. Well done lads!! - Geraint Jones

Just read that UEFA will meet next week to decide if seedings will be used to draw the playoff opponents. If they do that, it's a disgrace. Why should the so called "powers" like Spain be rewarded at the expense of the smaller nations who have battled to finish second. You could argue that Wales should be seeded higher than Spain given that our group was won by Italy and theirs by Greece, but does anyone think that will happen? Shame on UEFA if they do this. Whatever happened to deciding the rules before the tournament starts?
Well done Wales. Yes, an opportunity to win the group was probably lost yesterday, but we would all have taken second place when the groups were drawn. - Gareth



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