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 Italy v Wales match comment


Great 1st half performance - lack of usual defensive cover told in the end. Still heroic performance throughout. No disgrace, considering our lack of squad depth. Well done everyone of the players. - Paul Howard

azzurri too strong for us.
we still can get the 2nd place, but cant compete with italian level.
no true?
god bless - Mark

What a mess. Three losses in a row now. Thank god only two count. So if Italy win Thursday we go second what ever our result but if they lose or draw we can still win the group. - James

It was great to see the match yesterday... 
This is what they call "a great show"... Maggie

I really feared that would be a boring match... but I was wrong :)
I really enjoyied the match, evenif the first 15' were a bit messy, and both team spent more time pushing each other.
Italy played the ball well, and shown a great foward power, surely Wales didn't got the chances the match deserve them, as the wrong back-passage by Panucci wasted by Giggs, and the Shot over the Bar (next the stadium) by Hartson!

could be this a new strong Italy?

or was just a poor Wales? - Grigoris

Too many players out of position. Davies had a mare but not his fault. Midfield went missing in the second half. Italians just a different class. but we still didnt show what we can do. - Rjlarke

C'mon Wales! It's far from over! I watched the game on satellite-tv here in Finland dressed in my Wales-cap, hoping for a miracle, but too bad. Anyway, you've got two games left and almost anything is possible. But watch out for us Finns on Wednesday, when we have nothing (well, almost nothing - actually we can still finish second in the group theoretically) to play for, we seem to play our best. - Magnus Londen

Fantastic game! wales played to their strengths(rough,physical,scrappy) ... italy played to their strengths(posession,quality passing,tecnically perfect) ... in the end true class and brains will always beat lets kick 'em in the air and hope! italy's only weakness was panucci(crap) ... but what a replacement in oddo!! to sum up ... a masterclass in relentless attacking football ... exactly how it should be ... erickson, watch and learn(but then again, you need quality players to be able to play like that!!) - Leo

We missed Gabbidon, and Melville. Delaney did well, but Davies would have been better further up front. Why was Bellamey booked? And that Buffo(o)n in goal, he should have been red carded for his attitude and stupid hair cut. If the Italians are so quality, why do they have to play act so much, and make the most of "gamesmanship"? - Rich

At least in the first half Wales went for it, unlike in Serbia. 

A bit of police intervention to stop the Italian fans throwing things at the Welsh fans would have been helpful. Welsh fans were (politely) asking the Italian police to do something, but were ignored. - Andy

The Italian fans above were the worst I have ever experienced by a mile. Throwing anything a everything available on us, spitting and racist chanting to Blake and Earnshaw as the police stood back and watched. Unfortunately a few Welsh fans took there frustrations out on the police but under the disgraceful circumstances we bahaved very well. Needless to say i'm never eating another pizza again - Guy Walker

I was born in wales have an italian father and was at the match in Milan supporting wales, they played well the first half and had some good luck, I think mark could have made changes early in the second half as some ofthe lads appeared tired. The welsh fans were great and out sang/shouted the italian fans throughout the first 59 minutes. The police were poor and should have prevented the bottles, etc and one seat from being thrown by the italians, even when they did go to the upper level they still did not stop it happening. I think wales may still qualify as top as sebia still need to win. Full mark to the players but why did they not go to the fans at the end and give a clap and wave, only Hartson and savage and maybe one other did poor show. mike s from pembrokeshire. - Michael Sauro

The Italians played well, but they're recent form has given the world a bit of a clue as to what they're about. It's still not over for us, we were unlucky in Serbia, but I believe we can get maximum points from our last fixtures and go to Portugal regardless. The I talians still have to go to Serbia.
The attitude of the Italian supporters was disgraceful however, jeering our national anthem, what kind of small mined rubbish was that? - Rhys

Having been to see numerous Wales games away from home in the past and having always been given a great welcome by opposing fans, it was terribly dissappointing to be treated the way all the Welsh fans were at the San Siro on Saturday night. We were spat on, urinated on, and pelted with coins, bottles, cannisters and anything the Italians above could get their hands on. All this in front of the watching Italian police who did absolutely nothing to help. Just imagine what they'd have been like if we'd have won!! - Llyr Jones

Couldnt believe the fans above, the cowardly police should be ashamed. a full air horn canister landed about a foot away from me and i got drenched in god knows what - Jim

After such a heavy defeat the players need to pick themselves up and get all three points against Finland. It is disappointing to lose Bellamy, Savage and Delaney through suspension, but we simply have to get on with it. One defeat doesn't make us a bad team, and on that form Italy could have beaten anyone in the world! I am sure Sparky will have us up for it, and with a full Millenium Stadium aswell, we can still do it,
so come on Wales, there is still all to play for. - Geraint Jones

The police were poorly organised by never having a plan. All that said, thank god they were there to escort us from the ground because the Italian thugs who remained outside the ground were just as happy at throwing bottles at women and kids as they were at the guys. 
The football still outshone the hassle though. I thought the team gave their all in the first half to stem the flow. In all our heart it was inevitable the the class shone through. ....but if Giggs had scored that goal early on....
Thanks to the team and all the supporters I met for a great time, Men of Harlech each and every one of you! - Jon

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