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 Wales v Azerbaijan match comment


WALES-4 Azerbajan-0. Well done lads on a fantasic result, im really glad that welsh football has foun its feet, not lest win our remaining matches and go to Portugal, ROLL ON 2004!!!!! - Jonathan Lewis

Awesome! just awesome! but we could have scored a few more - Ceri

Another great display from the boys. They all played well but I have to give extra praise to John Oster and Simon Davies. Playing Davies at fullback was inspired. He did really well in the position, but when he moved into midfield his runs caused major problems for the Azerri defence. All in all another excellent display from the Welsh Team. Another possible banana skin out of the way. There are no more easy games in International football, just ask England. - Peter

All the boys played well! gr8 atmosphere in the stadium as always and simon looked HOT! if you are a fan of simon plz join my simon website 
and if you are a gary speed fan join my mates website - Ceri 

Come on boys, few results go the right way (italy V finland) etc and we can almost book the planes!!! COME ON - Ross Kenny

Absolutely brilliant! 4 wins from 4 and flying hi at the top of the group. The atmosphere once again was brilliant especially when the national anthem was being sung, i think i nearly cried on that one. Lets hope we keep up the good form and reach Portugal 2004! - Ross Williams

Can i just say that wales have been playing excellent in the foot ball and the rugby team should take note .keep up the good work sparky . EURO 2004 :) - Robbie Small

Another superbly professional team performance. the unseasonally hot weather, combined with another magnificent Millennium stadium atmosphere and the quickest welsh goal ever(?) all added up to a special ocassion. Can't we persuade Finland to play their June double header with Serbia and Italy here in Cardiff?! - Ian Gilchrist

Who was John Oster before the match, 5 caps, and I personally had not taken notice of him before. In this game, their's Oster, their he is, Oster again, isn't he great, he's all over the place, in every position, covering every wing. Oster, carry on your the next generation. Fight for your spaces guys it's Oster.
I never lost faith in Giggs, although at one time, I never stopped critizing him. But Giggs, you definately can play for Wales, these last games have shown it, but a goal -thanks. - Karl-James

4 down 4 to go proving the english wrong again what a proffesional performance very proud to wear the red dragon and a proud moment to be a welsh footballer supporter, Australia loves you. Cymru am byth. - Brendan

10 unbeaten now for our Red Dragons every player had a good solid game and it was great to see villa right back Rob Edwards get on,And for me the man of the match was John Oster. - Martin

My first visit to the Millenium Stadium was not a disapointing one it was also my first visit to my countrys capital which was nice.
I have to say though what an atmosphere I sat in my seat looked around and just said to myself 'this is it, this is what being welsh is all about, days like these'.
Inside 12 seconds we were one goal up from there I couldnt see anything going wrong.If we get 72 thousand fans in that stadium against anyone I honestly think we'll beat them! Theres only one man who deserves all the credit and that one man is Mark Hughes he has totally transformed Welsh International Football its as simple as that...bring on Brazil - Diggler

Another good performance, another 3 points! Obviously, the lads took their collective feet off the pedal at 4-0 (I thought Paul Trollope was unlucky with his header). I would have preferred to have seen us press for another goal or 2, though. On a different note, it's just as well that the Serbia match has been put back - we might have a full complement of players to choose from by then! Anyway, well done once again - now where's that 'Holidays in Portugal' brochure...? - Martin Castrey

About time! - Seen us mess up too many times, one more big result needed, probably a draw in Italy + home win against Finland and we are there!! Atmosphere better when we play the better sides and we must remember Azer are not a good team!! - Rob

Great Result. Some good selections by Hughes. Davies at right back did a good professional job and Oster was superb for someone that has been unable to break into the Sunderland first team a lot of managers wouldn’t have looked past that. Also praise for the unsung hero Pembridge he put in a lot of work that went unnoticed and to Giggs who despite the criticism people give him for not doing for Wales what he does for United has hopefully proved a few people wrong. All in all a great performance. - Simon Pike

Great day out, fantastic weather. Even better game. Though I think there still needs a little fine tuning here and there, I think we got most of the niggles out of the way. The team will be unstoppable in time for Portugal!!!!! Come on boys!!! - J

Another fantastic performance from Wales, it just gets better and better. OK Azerbaijan are no world beaters but to score against anyone after 15 seconds takes some doing. And after that really it was a a stroll. Even losing players like Speed & Savage made no difference as the players who replaced them more than made up for their absence. In a way the injury to Savage although unfortunate is a blessing in disguise because there was a chance that he would have picked up another yellow card in the match therefore would have missed out on the Serbia match due to suspension. The way Mark Hughes can change formations etc is another huge plus, like bringing in John Oster who had a blinder and playing Simon Davies as a right back.Rob Edwards looked good also when he came on. We can not only qualify for Portugal but I think we can win it!!! - Mark Evans

Good solid professional performance I thought. It was good to see that Mark resisted the temptation to bring Ernie on and instead tied young Edwards to Wales by bringing him on. - Russell

A professional and well disciplined performance from the boys.However lets keep our feet firmly on the ground, I watched the italian/Finland game,and mr vieri & co seem to be finding some form. I think its vital for us to get a result out in Belgrade in august.Cymru am Byth. - LLyr Owen

Well done to the lads, they were fantastic, if they keep that up then they will be unstoppable, we could certainly give England a run for their money!
Great performance from Simon Davies as ever, what a player!
No more will people say Wales are the worst team ever because we're not. We'll get to the Euro Championships and we'll win it you wait and see!!!! - Suzanna Davies

Another great result, although I would agree that we should have pushed for more goals after four - our last chance to really push up that goal difference. I thought Oster was absolutely blinding, proving that we DO posess some strength in depth. Roll on August! Cymru am byth! - Aled Bebb

A big well done to all the lads. but not forgeting the man himself 'sparky', keep up the great work. heres to august 30th. im looking forward to my next visit to the millenium stadium, hopefully 11th october. It was my first football international and i grately enjoyed it, epsecially the giggs goal, it was well made and well taken, thats a lad ryan. COME ON YOU LADS YOU'RE ALL DOING A GREAT JOB. Lets just hope Tukey do it tonight. - Clare

Well done Wales! Azerbaijan had not chance against dragons. Score of John was fantastic! In the king style! Wales can keep the first place, I believe in your boys! Match against Serbia&Montenegro should have been played! Wales would win them! Because, Wales is better than Serbia. It is a true. Wales deserves much better place on the FIFA list! And God kows that! We are going in Portugal! Now or never! - Sasa

My first visit to the Millenium stadium and four goals and on my birthday!!It's a bloody good time to be Welsh. Are you watching England. - Lee Williams

A great team performance from the lads.hartson winning everything in the air,giggs chasing every ball, and the defence shutting everything down. well done lads and here's to serbia in august and another fine win - Mark Loughran

A BIG mention to John Oster cos I think he woz gr8, but also to Davies,Bellamy, Giggs, Hartson and Speed for putting top performances in. Wales are definitly goin to Portugal and they're not gonna slip up in the next games..........
COME ON WALES !!!!!!!!! - Rich

Okay europe, make way for the kings of the UK!! bloody great game against azer. Oster has really come of age, Giggs brilliant as usual and hartson... what can i say?? Keep it up lads were so close now. Even though im only half welsh i am proud to wear the red instead of my home green and gold. Cymru am Byth!! - Chris Rowbottom



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