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 Azerbaijan v Wales match comment



9 points from 3 games...says it all. If or should that be when,we qualify top of our group maybe we will get a whole page in the back of the sun newspaper not the usuall tiny square next to the 4 pages about how England failed to beat Macedonia at home!! - Mark

Superb of a game! i'm very pleased about the result! hartso's goal... superb as always! see u later! - shon wyn thomas

What a trip, What a performance, What a result. Couldnt ask for more of the players on show. Show what a tremendous squad spirit there is in the camp. Everyone keep your feet on the ground weve been here before. Long way to go but weve got a great chance. Hello to the staff at the Caledonia bar in Baku !! - Wayne Price

My third proudest moment in football, following 1)Finland, and 2)Italy. This game was possibly even more important than the other two, but we didn't slip up, and definately produced the goods. Cyfle gorau ers blynyddau. Hir oes i'r cyfnod hwn!! - Efan Williams

Great result,although it wasnt the best prformance ive seen,its results that count!So I wonder where those plastic welshmen who wear England shirts will put their loyalties now?As far as Im concerned they can keep on wearing them coz its only true welshmen who would support THEIR OWN COUNTRY through thick and thin!Nuff said! - Al Gwallt

A tremendous result - from possibly our hardest game with a decimated squad - what more could you ask for. Well worth the trip.
Egg Egg Egg is Dead! - Jason

When Wales lose 6-0 I am proud to be Welsh, and when they are winning, well enough said. Great game, great future. Lets hope some of these premiership managers and so called British newspapers show a bit of decency when we romp home, football is indeed coming home. - Riffy

This is fantastic! Wales played great and cannot lose the game. Dragons have got play. Still one Mark Delaney proved that is a super player. Oh, John! He was fantastic. And others were very good.
Wales can stay 1. We are better than Serbia nad Montenegro. If be honest referee, Wales will win in Beograd!
Best regards, - sasa papac

As i watched the game on a small screen in a pub, with the cameraman about two miles from the pitch, I can't really comment on the performance as I couldn't really see it that well. It doesn't matter though - what matters was the result. If we didn't win in Baku, beating Italy would have been devalued a little. The boys done well, even without some of our 'better' players. - Llyr Jones

Wasn't the best match that i've ever seen but the boys did what they needed to do. We're now sitting pretty at the top of the group and I have no doubt that we'll qualify. I am so proud of the team and Sparky is doing a fantastic job. It seems pretty obvious that the players respect him and they seem to be loving every minute of playing for Wales under him. These are amazing times for Welsh football and long may it continue. Oh and one last thing - England, bring it on!! - Haley 

I thought Wales realy exceled themselves and now lying 5 points clear of teams like Italy are realy doing well. Keep it up lads.
Here we go,Here we go,Here we go. - Rossie

John Hartson's performance was once again awsome. A match-winner if ever there is one. - Peter Morris

Job Done - Geraint rowlands 

The game wasn't a classic but was very professional and we got the right result.
I thought Paul Jones was brilliant a real unsung hero and should have been m.o.t.m considering he didn't have much to do for most of the game and he is not getting any first team football with his club, but if there is any justice I guess that will probably change soon. 
The boys done good...Portugal here we come!!! - Gareth Owens

(to the tune of ca cera cera) portugal, -ugal were going to portugal, were going to portugal na na na na naaaaa - ross kenny

A huge congrats to Hughes and the Welsh team for their committed performance in the 2-0 win. Wales believe in themselves and are getting the results. Lets keep this juggernaut rolling all the way to Portugal 2004. If Wales qualify for the european championship I think I will fly out to Portugal from canada, quaff a few brewskies, get a bit of sun and cheer the boys on.From one very happy welsh canadian. Yee haa... - John Phillips

Performance was not as amazing as against Italy, but with half the team out everyone was expecting that. Speed was fantastic, not only working hard in midfield but also helping out in defence a bit - a real captain's performance. Da iawn hogiau! - Matt

If we had lost, that bastard steve bruce would have something to answer for....i hope birmingham now get relegated, he gets the sack and gets caught in bed with an aids ridden prostitute. As it is, well done lads, great performance by some of the second string boys, but ryan oh ryan, if you cant leave a pitch against that lot having mullered them for 90 minutes then will you EVER shine for us against a decent team.....sort yourself out cant spend the rest of your career living on your reputation.....start performing.................
p.s. mark hughes for king - kevin twin

In America at the moment so i missed the game,but well done Mark and the lads you have put life back into welsh football and made as all even more proud to be welsh. - Dean Madden.

Brilliant,welsh football is in good hands lets hope we keep it like that,very professional preformance on and off the pitch,mark hughes is a legand,he is making football our national sport, with some world class players of course. - Dai Ellis.

Not the best match ever. But, it was a terrific result away from home seeing as we had a lot of key players missing. 9 points from 3 games is the best start we could have possibly have hoped for, and holds us in good stead.
Well done the boys!! - Kristen Jeffs.



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