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 Wales v Italy match comment


When I got to work the morning after, my (English ) Boss told me he was going to ask me if I'd gone to the game. When he saw how knackered I looked & with the huge smile on my face he knew I had! I've been watching Wales now for well over 30 years & I can't remember a night like it! Let's keep it going! With wins in our next 2 games, (PLEASE!) we'll be almost there! - Paul Evans

Killed them. Bashed beat and sliced them. the only thing that kept the match from being perfect was that twat of a ref. Forget about him, we created chance after chance. We looked like we were going to score every time we went forward. Bring on the best and the rest because we are CYMRU WE CAN BEAT ANYONE especially England - munc

It is obvious that wales are good because they have 2 newcastle united players, duh look who got the goal - Liam

Had a great view of belamys goal. Got covered by 12 boys while celebrating!!!  I've seen lots of Wales games (including rushs' shinner against Germany) but never have I felt so proud. I'll be in Portugal, hope I will c u there!! - Kev

AMAZED-EXCITED-PROUD-PORTUGAL these are but a few words that crossed my mind during and after the italy match. ive been to the argentina, germany, c.republic games and none of them came close to this match. the crowd were ELETRIC at full time the sound was deening, people were delerious with hapiness all the way home people couldnt stop smiling at the thought of going to PORTUGAL and with two matches to come against azerbaijan we can honestly expect to be top of the group with maximum points after 4 games. all the lads played great especially robbie savage who didnt stop running and battling all of the 90mins. giggs was unlucky to hit the bar. and it was nice to see spedd shake hands with the italian defender after he had caught him in a tackle. COME ON WALES!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ross Kenny

Got back 3.30 in the morning work at 7 but it was well worth it.Wales played great and win was always on the cards,keep it up sparky - Johnt

Still speechless after a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Revsy

After listening to the game on the radio, I was amazed at the change in the attitude of commentators and public alike, when compared to 12 months ago. We now have a confidence and optimism that I don't recall any Welsh side having had in my lifetime, which is excellent. However... I can't believe that people are using the phrase "favourites" to qualify for the Finals. We have had some tremendous results against some good sides, but the problem with Wales always has been consistency. I hope we go on to collect 6 points against Azerbaijan, but beware, if they do a Macedonia on us then we'll have to scrap out qualification again. Take it one game at a time. That said, I'm hopeful that the team continues its good run of form for a long time yet (at least 2006 would be nice). - Richard Martin

Everything about the night was perfect, pre match entertainment, the performance, the result, the celebrations, the players attitude - and the most pleasing thing was that the result wasn't totally unexpected - Phil

Brilliant! Being in Scotland I didn't see the game until Saturday when the tape from my Mum finally arrived. Fortunately the BBC must have boosted the radio signal so I managed to catch the whole match live on a very crackly Radio Wales. Very Old School! The video was well worth waiting for and everything I'd expected and more from listening to the commentary. Well done most of all to Sparky and the Boys but also to the FAW who seem to be getting things right at last - keeping faith in Sparky when times were tough, making sure the stadium was full on the night and making the whole event such a magnificent spectacle. I've slagged off the FAW in the past so credit where it is due. PS I made a fortune on bets with numerous Scots friends!! - Mark

Unbeliveliable!! bring em on!!!!!!!! - David Jones

What can I say a famous victory but the best part was we were the better team. Great all round performance hard to pick out individuals when we played so well as a unit. I just glad i was there. - Simon Pike

5th June 1991 and 16th October 2002 will no doubt be dates every Welsh fan will remember, the 1-0 win over Germany was at that time an awsome result as the Germans were World Cup holders but this victory over Italy I think was even better due to the fact that we were the better team on the night, against Germany in 1991 we rode our luck a little with Southall making outstanding saves that night, but on Wednesday it would have been the most cruel luck of all if Wales did not win that game, and we are talking about one of the top five nations in European football, qualify, qualify we won't just qualify Wales are going to win the whole competition because after Wednesday's performance we have nobody else left to fear. - Mark Evans

We deserved this so much, as a Welshman currently working in Milton Keynes, I had to put up with the English fairies attempting to play football, I kind of stood out a bit when I was getting the scores sent to me from home. Didnt know what to do with myself. But congratulations to the boys, just shows those results were not flukes. - Dai Williams

As a proud welshman living in england going to work was a pleasure on thursday morning i felt ten feet tall i gave out a lot of stick to wy workmates which is normally directed at me thanks lads keep it up. - Gary Beams

Good game on wednesday well done - Jonathan Crowdey

In 3 words, Incredible, Emotional, Deserved! - Tim Nicholls

We were awesome Danny was boss in the heart of defence. I still cant talk I've lost my voice. - Roy Davis

I was there to see the boys the other noght they played briliant and they now look worthy group winners - john Miles

Welsh football is on the up. We deserved our win! Simon Davies and Bellamy are the new kings of welsh football. I say "bring on the English"! - Richard

I have never seen such a passionate crowd attending a Welsh International.The Atmosphere was electric.The Boys played their hearts out and gave everything.Well done boys!! - Wyn Lewis

I was in Walkabout next to the stadium, the match was breath taking the atmosphere was electric, the singing was spot on and the result was perfect.The party went long into the early hours and i missed my lecture the next day! Enough said. - The Munk

Did the referee really blow the wistle on the tackle on Mark Delaney in which the referee disallowed Craig Bellamy's 2nd goal? - David Nash

Ii could not sleep for weeks after the match everytime i shut my eyes all i could see was bellamy going round buffon as if he were a roundabout and the crowd was marvellous singing and dancing the way it should be. - Jason


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