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 Finland v Wales match comment


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Well, what can i say another great performance from the lads. We havent had great performances but the last few performances have been well amazing. 2-0 against the Finnish we took the game to them and look what happened hopefully we can beat the Italians and if we beat them we can go to Euro 2004. - Flobbs

brilliant hope they hammer italy - smith

What a game what a city . The wifes first welsh game what a game to start her off on . had a brilliant weekend from start to finish voice did not work propely till tuesday . thought they all played well in a system that they fell comfertablly with . we are a team on the way up . i was so proud to be wearing my welsh shirt when we landid in birminghan, nice one lads . the hospitality was brill as phone numbers and address excahnged . bring on Italy . all the fans got on well no north south divide this is what it should be we are all welsh after all . - Phil Lewis

Great result and a superb away trip, the Finnish fans all expected to win easily and we proved them wrong, they were mostly very friendly though! - Chris Hayes

I was delighted with the 2-0 in against Finland and hope 'we' can get a good result against Italy. 'We', because my mum is Welsh and it's about time I get my Welsh flag out and support them in Portugal! - Christiaan

Well done against Finland!! I really love Wales and the Wales Squad! I hope they come to the European Chamionship! Good Luck! - Marley

1 or 2 more results like this and the pool of players to select from will increase 10 fold due to the grandfather clause ! And Owen Hargreaves will be sick as a parrot! Cymru am Byth. - Swerver

Great result from the boys, let's keep the momentum going!! My brother and I had a brilliant time in Finland (Hi to Tuomas and the boys from Tampere!), good beer, good times! Although it was a slightly scrappy game, with the Finns quite dominant in parts, for the most part Wales defended stoutly, and when they came our way, we took our chances with some aplomb. Shame that Simon Davies didn't score his second at the death, mind..... - Martin

Great performance, great place and great people! Top notch!! - Gareth

Thoroughly professional job well done. Especially no silly bookings at the end, keep up the discipline because the depth is not unlimited but saturdays bench was much desired - Geraint

Having been a Hughsie fan all the way through his career, I support Wales even though I'm English. Well done Wales! You have a No. 1 Manager. Will be there for the Italy game!! Wales can do it!! - Linda Clark

This was my first time away with Wales, what an experience! The home fans were great hosts, made us all feel very welcome, even after the game! I would also like to say how nice it was for all the Welsh fans to applaud the Finnish fans from the stadium at the end. - Matt

What a fantastic experience for my first Welsh trip abroad! I was so excited before the game that I had to stop myself getting too carried away. The atmosphere in the magnificent stadium was something I'll never forget. It was brilliant to be there The Finnish people deserve a lot of praise for accepting defeat in such a sporting and friendly manner! Roll on next game! - Hedd

I think Wales are up there with the best in Europe now. Mark Hughes is God! We now have world class players and play neat football. We should qualify now and i think the quarter finals of Euro2004 is manageable - Ryan

I would very much like to apologise for the mess i left in the Hotel Ramada Presidente, Helsinki a carpet cleaner is in the post. - Keith

Another fantastic result for Sparky's men OK we did look a bit dodgy in defence for the first half but the chances that came our way we took them, remember Finland took points off Germany and England in the World Cup qualifiers so to win 2-0 is a fantastic achievement. I think we can beat Italy in October and if we can do that then there is no reason why we can't finish top of the group and qualuify automatically. - Mark

Great win, at last a team that delivers what it promised. So good to see opposing teams scared of alot of players rather than giggs. I still think a draw would be a great result at home to Italy but with a very, very strong ref we have a chance of beating them. Now where is my Portugal holiday brocure.....- Dave

As a Welsh fan in OZ, great result yesterday, lets slaughter Italy!! - Daniel

Fantastic! Superb performance, but we've got to keep it going! - Chris

I saw the game and it was a good result although I thought the game was a bit scrappy, but at least we came home with the perfect start which was what everyone wanted! - Stephen

I would just like to say well done to wales they were brilliant - Bob

Wales is going to win everything, no problem. - Dave

What a result well done welsh boys. My point is how a scotland 30 places higher than us in the rankings it like barry town winning the champions league - Carl

Great result in Finland, I believe we can go all the way this time - Gareth Davies

Wales played well yesterday and the fans were great!! I know that it sounds very weird, but I'm a big fan of Wales though I'm a Finn.. I had lots of fun yester day in Helsinki with my friend!! GO WALES!! And thanks for the hat that someone gave us!! - Hanna

I think that after waleses 2-0 win over finland they will go to europe and hopefuly win it - Liam Vaughan



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