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 Wales v Northern Ireland after match comment



The worst game this so called welsh international team as ever played, pure total crap, bellamy and gabbidon useless. where did hughes find that ginger thing . god help us if play a half decent side . this is the time you will see my money - Andrew Mocom (Morriston)

Obviously, referee was shocking. Out of the three sendings off only that of Hughes was even remotely justifiable. Made a bit of a mockery of the entire affair. 70,000 paid to see what was interesting and ultimately rewarding for us, but what could have been one of the greatest international affairs for a long time - (Jug - Derry / Scotland)

Games don't come more one sided than that. Referees don't come more out of their depth than that (if Fifa have any common sense, they won't let him near a football match ever again). A totally bizarre game with an even more bizarre scoreline. On any other day, the score would probably have been something like 7-3. - (Cymro glan - Cwm Aman)

Why was Collins picked for this game? When we had the likes of Melville available! He was terrible.
Gabbidon and Koumas were just as bad, could never deliver that final ball into the box! And I don't understand why Thatcher was subbed, he played well I thought.
No way Savage deserved to get a red, all he did was pull on the shirt of the guy who tried to hurt him. If Fifa have any sense, they will see that it wasn't a red card offence, as I've never seen a man sent off for doing something similar.
Just pray now that we can get something from Old Trafford.
CYMRU AM BYTH - (Owain Johns - Swansea)

Well you got to give creadit to n.ireland they came at us from the word go. But then again we should of beaten them!!!! We were so poor the hole match its hard to see were our next points are going to come from. the reff helped us a bit by not sending paul jones off and sending david healy off was a gift for us. i am gutted by the sesult,lets hope with giggsy and simon davies coming back in we can give SCUM ENGLAND a good go. come on boys we all know we can do it. sparky dont go to blackburn rovers come to cardiff city and get us promoted. - (Mark Williams - Cwmbran)

Some of the above messages sadden me. James Collins is an excellent prospect for Wales - is it a coincidence that 2 people from Swansea slag him off ? It wasn't a good performance but years of experience of watching Wales help us to soldier on still hopeful of qualifying one day!! If the fan from Morriston is that fickle then I'm glad he won't be watching Wales again. - (Catherine - Cwmbran)

The referee was way out of his depth and totally ruined the game for both teams. Northern Ireland were a poor side and were happy to sit on the 6 yard line and hoof anything back into our half. Wales should have tried to play more balls on the floor through the middle rather that constantly crossing it into the box to try and get a hopeful header/touch on the ball. Once again the Welsh crowd were a disgrace and disappointment to their country with the lack of support for our team. Scotland outsung us even when they were 4-0 down. The N.I. crowd to their credit didn't stop throughout the game. Something positive has to be done to get the crowd going and to stop this rugby culture of sitting on their @rses which is rapidly taking over OUR football crowd! - (Marc - Cardiff)

A lot of controversy but at the end of the day a draw was probably a fair result.
Many thanks to the 99.9% of Wales fans who made us welcome. What a stadium you have, awesome. Best atmosphere ever. We did sing well didn't we.
Hope we get to come back again. Thanks Wales. - (Ralph - Belfast)

What about the penalty the ref didnt give??? We should have had all 3 points.
Great atmospher in our corner of the stadium, couldnt hear you guys singing and your meant to be famous for it??? Very impressive stadium, loved the trip...only home and have no voice... See ya at Windsor Park well a few of you as you will only be gettin a handfull of tickets. Dry your eyes - (Doc - Belfast)

What a game?
Before the match all we wanted was a goal!
At the end we should have had all three points
I think Hughes on Savage was to say the least "savage" but he did stick his right arm in Hughes face 30seconds earlier.
A yellow card for Hughes that early on and a good talking to Savage would have been enough. Healys sending off was the most disappointing thing all night. I think if he had stayed on we would have won by at least 3 or 4. By the way Healys rude gesture was to his mum and dad and he always makes that sign when he scores be it for Preston or in front of the Cop at Windsor.
To all in Wales, you were let off the hook by a terrible referee but thanks for a great night, what a stadium. - (Gary Hood - Ballymena)

Ref destroyed the game by the sendings off,hughes was deserved the rest not.he then bottled the rest of the game ,jones was never a sending off he caught the ball inside the box and was then knocked over by his own player landing outside,he released the ball after he had landed and only picked it up again after the ref had blown.As for the irish penalty apeal that just equalised out the welsh one in the first half. the ref should have sent that cheating smith off for his pretence at a broken leg to waste time.
gutted we were the better side and should have had 3 points - (Chris Evans - Rugby)



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