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Welcome to On-line Welsh Football. / Croeso i Pel-droed Cymru Ar-lein.

Lets have your view of the Wales v Austria game. - Views will appear here after the game. (see below)

It seems no matter who's in charge... we're still rubbish. Heads up boys, can't be worse than what we were like under Sparky. - Willis

Very disappointed,a great deal of work to be done,at this level the few chances that we had have to be put away,i'm not looking forward to wednesdays' game,batten down the hatches boys we are going to be under tremendous pressure. good luck. - Phil

That was the most pathetic performance ive seen for a while. Felt sorry for Gabidon, was doing well time he arsed it up at the end. Start with earnie instead of bellamy....hopefully thatll wake him up abit. Any fans who left before the end should be ashamed. The glory days are over - those that were at THE Italy game can now see what a miracle that really was! Teach those wannabe Germans a lesson on wednesday boys!! - Gruffydd

Tosh can only work with the boys that he's got (which isn't many anymore!!). but they didn't really seem to know what they were doing... like Scotland under Berti. Giggs, Davies, Bellamy played where? Why not put Bellamy upfront with Hartson rather than Earnshaw? Having so many forwards opened us up. Are there any defenders coming through? Gabbidon looked out of sorts... - Rich

One of the worst substitutions ever. Maybe Earnie needed to come on, but to take off Simon Davies was unbelievable. Davies wasn't appearing to do many of his usual surging runs, but he couldn't really as he was having to cover the hole in the middle because Fletcher/Robinson were so out of their depth. Yes, it was 2 mistakes that led to the goals, but you couldn't help feeling that there was a big hole there in which maybe Davies's presence may have possibly made a difference.
It's become pretty obvious that playing Hartson, Bellamy & Earnie all at the same time just doesn't work. It's really a case of either Hartson/Bellamy with big John as a target man or Bellamy/Earnshaw, and playing the ball over the top or along the ground.
The gulf in class between our top flight players (in which I'd include Gabbidon) and the others was enormous (although Coyne had a good game) and it was really the others that dragged the whole team down. - Alun

We had no shape no guts no spirit..rickess was exposed time and time again he can not make the step up from league 2 to internationals why play him when we have far more experianceed players in the squad??sort it out tosh you had a go at sparkys tactits i didnt see against hungary or austria how you have made any improvement tho!!!!! - Dan

Gruffydd wrote: "Teach those wannabe Germans a lesson on wednesday boys!!" I think you're completely dizzy in your head! Just inform you! Than you would know that we hate the germans! - Austrian

Austrian wrote "We hate the Germans"....good lad...but doesn't everyone!! for Saturday...lets just forget it & move on...but move on to what?...we will never qualifie for anything!!...but I for one will be at our next home game & the next & the next & the next...oh & N.I away. - Eddie

Hehe, you're right Eddie. Same here ;) ... i hope i'm still alive when we will appear in any WC or EC ;) So we need you now to beat Poland and England. The little countries must stay together! In exchange we would promise to beat Germany at WC 2006 ;) Good luck in your next games! You have a lot of nice fans who deserve victories! - Austrian


Thank you ! / Diolch yn fawr !

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