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Welcome to On-line Welsh Football. / Croeso i Pel-droed Cymru Ar-lein.

Lets have your view of the Austria v Wales game. - Views will appear here after the game. (see below)

Ccintillating for the most  part.....poor old danny ..never mind you cant win them all...- wft

Sorry guys,... you played well but we needed the points,..we love you! - Austrian

Toshack must go. He is on the verge of sending us back in time by 10 years. He has allowed the media to blame the defeat on Danny Coyne, which is shameful. The fact is we created a lot more in this game but we did not score. We were always going to conceded,surely then you must play a system were you score more that your opponent 3-4-1-2. Austria  are one of the weaker teams in the group. With the exception of Stranzl,we make them look better that they actually are.God save us if he sees out his contract, another five years we are told. I am no tactical genius myself but like many other punters I believe a team must play to their strenghts. As for the great leap forwards Toshack has provided nothing but self doubt and has proved that once again pride comes before a fall. Stand down if you love your Country Tosh.- Al Jones

A superb fluid Wales performance that had Austria floundering. Only a world class goalkeeping performance,  an incorrect refereeing decision to rule out Craig Bellamy's opener and myriad chances missed denied Wales. Giggs was on fire - surely he must retain the captaincy. Bellamy profligate but absolutely unstoppable. Great link up play, good defending, Coyne must be gutted. Toshack's experiment was a resounding success. On this form England will be worried. Well done boys we are proud of you. - Robert

Ok, i'll state the bloody obvious, how the hell didn't we win last night ??? !!! On the whole, a great team performance. On another night, we would have been 2/3 up at half time. Never mind, roll on the 2008 campaign. - Andrew

At least we showed a bit of passion in the return fixture ! Its a game that when you look back we should of won quite comfortably. We had 2 premiership players who missed at least 4 good chances between them when clean through on the keeper. You always had that self doubt about conceding one though no matter how well we played. So should the defeat be blamed on Coyne (Terrible mistake !) or on the strikers for not putting at least one of them away ??!! I dont like Toshack - never have - he must get the public on his side and dropping Savage doesnt do that - we are not a huge country and cannot pick and choose !! - Kevin

Ridiculous to hear someone call for Toshack's resignation.
Toshack has done all he can do so far - it's up to the players to do their job. The strikers have let us down by not finishing their chances - Bellamy's disallowed goal was of course key and would have changed the game. Also, the defenders let us down on Saturday. Danny Coyne let us down yesterday - perhaps he isn't our next keeper. Worth giving Darren Ward a look in again.

We need some luck. We need some of the retirees to reconsider - Johnson and Savage most importantly who have up to 5 years left. Toshack will get it right - he knows what to do, is learning about the team. He is our best chance of success. - Jonathan Dearth

You can not blame the defeat on Danny Coyne if a goaly makes a mistake you notice it how often do strikers make mistakes and the mistakes go unnoticed. Danny will feel awful and Toshack has let the media blame him for the defeat. I hope Danny keeps his place for the England game as he has proved himself as an excellent keeper, for so many years now. Surely one mistake isnt the end of his international career. - John

Probably the best away performance in a competitve game since we beat Finland 2-0 away ages ago. The Austrians must be guilty to have 3 pts; Wales were the better team and played exciting football. Leave Savage crying in his little corner; have faith in Toshack. - Huw

What an atmosphere ! What a performance ! And with more performances like this we can become a better side. Sadly , never have been a fan of Robert Page and I do believe that he is a player that will never reach international standard. Great heart shown by the team, and to those who doubt Toshack, shut up and support the lads! He's got us playing football again , can he keep this up ??? Danny Coyne needn't worry, I'm sure Tosh will give more than another opportunity. - Russ

Great game of the Welsh team, but, however it was a game of the goalies. The austrian held everything, Giggs and Bellamy tried but Payer was to strong that day, and the Coyne made the mistake so it was 1-0. Bad luck this time, but we hope we will see the welsh team and especially the welsh fans at the EURO 2008 in Austria and Switzerland. cu - Austrian Fanatic

I loved it. If youre going to loose do it  with style. Tosh is top man in my eyes. The future is bright. - Dil

The Austrians had 6 points written all over them and I feel that even though Tosh got the formation and team almost spot on in the return match, does anyone else notice a distinct absence of team spirit about Wales? Giggs is a consumate pro and isn't going to publicly say anything but from his body language (especially in training) he seems to be very unhappy. We needed a change when Hughes left to brighten things up, but Toshack is surely not the answer. We can play well but we'll not win anything until the team spirits lift. I'm looking forward to the imminent reign of A N Other. - Rich

Rich you are wrong. 2 games in and we see no hope. get over it. Tosh is one of the best.he needs time and time will tell. Mark hughes was popular but what did he really know. Tosh is the best welsh manger.
Some people slag him off but at the end of the day he is the best wales can hope for. I dont expect the welsh manger to be a nice guy but just sort things out. He will do this. - Dil

I travelled over to vienna i thouight we deserved to win and totally dominated the game. It was my first away game and i thouht the support was great and the fans wouldn't stop singing however it was truly dissapointing to have deserved to win and lose in the last few minutes due to a blunder. Despite the blunder by danny coyne i stil feel he's wales number . - Dave

This is a bit late but.....I think Sparky got a bit negative and relied on old players and route one. Initially the respect with which he is held by fans and players took the team to new heights (the best since World Cup \'94, but a new approach is required now. Wales must adopt a less British style game, and try to (a) defend further up the park (b)keep possession for longer before 'launching' the ball. Tosh knows this, and despite the results against Austria, they deserved to get at least 4 points in these games. Also, give James Collins and Earnie their chance. Old time supporter since 1971 (first game). - Greg Moore

Very well played each player put there heart into the game - Ethan Lloyd

Thank you ! / Diolch yn fawr !

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